Marek Dobiecki

Artworks are Acrylic Paint on Canvas 180cm x 180cm.

  They were painted using airbrush and mapped out with dividers. The one above is on display at TECHCOM Melbourne and was painted in 1987.

The painting above is Afe+Cpi acrylic on canvas 186 x 186 cm 1991 in the possesion of Ms Vanessa Gough Melbourne

The painting below is in the private collection of a Melbourne artist, Ian Hance.

Painted about 1987.

2[Ap]i + [Ap]e



2[Af]i + [Nf]i + [Ap]i

The painting above is still in my possession and was done around 1991.
This painting is very active optically. The best way to view it is fully blown up in a 1024 X 768 pixel screen in millions of colours.


Computer generated chiral fields

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