I was asleep in my dream and 'Tony Soprano' came into the room and woke me up, saying, "Now remember this; you're sick, you've got aches in your joints". He then left into another room ... the kitchen I think. Now that I was awake I noticed a trail of rubbish on the floor so I got up and started picking it up. Just then, a woman entered the room with a man behind her. She stooped toward me and said "And exactly what kind of sickkness do you have?" I was dumbfounded because at this point, I realised that Tony, for some reason, had told her I was sick with aches and pains and while searching for an answer I really did wake up.

I made a big effort to remember this dream because it stirred my interest in the way it was formed. What sparked my interest was the realisation that this dream was already a narrative in my subconscious before it was being played out.