0)      If 2 entities exist they must be different form each other by reason of juxtaposition if nothing else.

0.1)            The existence of a differential implies awareness or consciousness.

0.2)            In a primordial soup reactions take place; indicating the existence of a differential.

0.3)            The way is open, then, to attribute some sort of basic consciousness/awareness to primordial entities.


1)      The existence of a single entity implies the existence of at least one other such entity.


2)        Such entities are alike and are differentiated in a zero dimensional space. This differentiation leads to an implied 1-Dimensional space between 2 entities (Identity->Class system ie. Entities and dimensions).


3)      The existence of at least 2 entities implies the existence/concept of Number.


4)      The existence of 2 entities and Number implies the concept of ‘more than 2’ which in turn implies the concept of ‘less than 2 (1)’ and ‘less than 1 (0)’. This in turn implies the concept of less than zero.

4.1) The existence of at least two entities, therefore, implies the existence of at least 1 antithesis (negative entity).     

4.2) The concept of ‘More than ‘ can be propagated through Number to ever larger values (Infinity).

4.3) Infinity implies an infinity of infinities .


5)      The realisation of a differential between 2 entities (1-D space) implies the realisation (through Number system) of multi-dimensionalism.

5.1) Through the emerging Number system a ‘negative/anti’ dimension is implied.(?)


6)      A set of units follows the same implicative rules as a single unit.

6.1) The existence of a set implies the existence of at least one other set.


7)      Either all elements in the universe have consciousness or are the result of consciousness or they do not exist (in any determinate state) until they come within the embrace of consciousness.



Without 'Consciousness' there can be no 'Implication' because there must be an empirical awareness of the 'perceived' object. Awareness takes a subjective interaction or reaction to the object thus acquiring 'Meaning'.

If the universe was only a single unit, then it would not exist unless it was self aware thus implying its own existence and the existence of another such unit.

Implication, then, is the effect immediately subject to conscious existence. We can speak of ‘The Force of Implication’ as something that causes the realisation of another condition/entity.