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Panetix is a quality of existence. Something is panetixal when it cannot be implied.
Is there anything the existence of which is not implied by the existence anything else?






For custom engineering of specialised equipment I recommend N & J Booth p/l.

Nick has done lots of specialised work for me from lens holders to a field derotator, a motorised focusser, gearbox mounts and shafts. He does excellent work to a couple of micron resolution at very reasonable price. Pictures of his products are here.
Just contact Nick via email

Research Projects

Programming & Software for download


Chiral and other Artworks


misc Miscellaneous issues


This site contains many of my publishable
 interests. Here I have an online,
 virtual gallery of my own artwork and
 virtual art. There is also a site
 devoted to 'Contemporary Art Australia'
 with mainly paintings. A large part
 of the work remains as yet unpublished
 but for a few research projects, art
 and some theory. I am interested
 in chiral fields (illusions which move),
  ideas about panetixal existence, Astronomy and lots more.