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Permutation Table of fields derived from left and right oriented 1-DEs
[An]r [Cn]r [Nf]r [Np]r
[An]l [Cn]l [Nf]l [Np]l
[Cp]l [Cf]l [Ap]r [Af]r
[Cp]r [Cf]r [Ap]l [Af]l
If a field is either an [N] or an [n] type the effect is the same for fields composed of elements that are either 'left oriented' or 'right oriented
so that using (l) and (r) hingeing there are a total of 16 types of field. When the actual field effects are analysed it is found that 8 types exist.
as the chirality of the 1-D elements can be discounted except at very close range. Then it becomes merely a matter of field diameter for the
number of elements in the respective field


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